Lettering and Babysitting

The last couple months, between finishing my last class and starting "real life" I spent a good amount of time baby sitting my little cousins. In a nutshell it was a lot of Frozen soundtrack (that Olaf song though) singing, dress up, and trampoline adventures.

So naturally, I took full advantage of our arts and crafts sessions and started some serious play, outside of paper and ink. It's interesting to experiment with new mediums and see what they can do.

Cheers to a Start

I started lettering a while back and have finally come to terms with sharing my stuff. 
I've always dabbled in the subject and lately have found myself excessively creeping on letterers instagram's and thought it might be a good time to start sharing mine *insert raised hand emoji*. There's still a lot of fine tuning I have yet to master but here's to starting.
I'll try and share resources I find extremely helpful on the topic—because there are some great things out there and sharing is caring, right? So, welcome to my world. And, enjoy?