Sketches, doodles, and some progress work.

I've never had the ability to keep just one sketchbook. So here is a compilation of napkins, receipts, corks, small projects, and actual sketchbooks that I've lettered and illustrated on.


California 2017

A Moleskin I kept daily entries on during my first trip to California.

7 cities, 6 countries, 16 days

A small sketchbook I kept during my first trip to Europe. I met up with my best friend and we traveled to Milan, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, and Madrid. Sadly, I stopped taking note after Berlin.


Skillshare Projects

Skillshare has been a lifesaver. It's been amazing to get insight from industry professionals and listen to tips and tricks they have to teach. Below are a couple of projects I've worked on from a lettering class by Martina Flor and an animation class from Jake Bartlett.


A variety of doodles created during Netflix binges, insomniac nights, .

The 100 Day Project

I started The Great Discontent's 100 Day Project to join the fun caravan of doing something for 100 days straight. Beginning in 2015, the 100 days have yet to be completed...nonetheless, below are a few images from my Instagram page.




iMessage Sticker Pack

Fun, quirky, sassy. Call it what you want I've got a fun sticker pack on the iMessage app store to spice up your conversations. Download your sticker pack on the app store today!