I was approached by Emma Muffragi to design the logo, fabric design, and packaging for a product she developed with her business partner Angie Cohen. They created a toy for toddlers to get them manually involved in the basic principles of tech through the use of fabric.

The Process

Focusing on keywords such as tech-toy, hands-on, kid-friendly and LED, and the bright colors of its hometown, Miami, Bundledfun's identity was designed to have graphic elements that would be echoed in other concepts throughout the brand.

Knowing their need of a pattern, the sparks and letterforms in the logo were used to create a pattern they would later print on to fabric. The sparks were also used to animate their logo. All of these elements were kept in mind as the logo was being developed.

The result was a clean and bright brand designed to attract both children and their parents.

Final Logo

Logo color Variations

Pattern One

Pattern Two