Rokk3r Labs hired me to work as a designer on a team of theirs to promote a workout scheduling platform based in London. I first met with their project manager to talk about the deliverables they needed, the startup, their founder, and the overall style in which they wanted the app to be. At the end of the project I designed a small style guideline, an icon for the company, mockups for their desktop application, and a Keynote stack to present to investors. 

The Process

Due to a tight deadline, Rokk3r Labs gave me total freedom in the design direction of the app, as long as they approved the style guidelines. After getting the style guidelines approved, I began designing screens from the wireframes they provided. Once all screens were designed and approved I went on to mocking up the designs and starting the Keynote presentation stack. In the end, Rokk3r Labs expressed how easy it was to work with me and I was glad to have had the opportunity to work with their team.

Logo and Icon

Here you'll see the logotype and symbol. The symbol derives from the arms and legs of a stick figure running while the font chosen is meant to evoke the simple and inviting service that FitSprint offers.

Desktop App

Below are the screens designed for the desktop application: landing page, class search page, instructor's page, and the dashboard view of the instructors page.