At Longwater and Company I was assigned to design and manage the production of 10,000 brochures as well as create a Wordpress landing page for a new district in Savannah, GA.

The Process

Placing an emphasis on its locations, maintaining a clean  layout to showcase Moon River District’s sites was an important restriction while designing. I was also tasked to design a map highlighting the district's sites. Knowing the map would be placed separately from the images, the final map was painted with gouache.

While working on the design of the brochure, I began designing their Wordpress site— following the same emphasis on imagery as the brochure.

Once the final print proof was approved, the brochures were sent to a local print shop where I worked with the printers to revise colors from the first pull and make the final approval. 

Clients were pleased with the final product and stayed with Longwater and Company for future collaborations. 

Click here to view Moon River District's full site: http://moonriverdistrict.com/