In Mid-April I signed up for a 12 week Codecademy web development class. After going through HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Angular, Ruby and Rails we were tasked to create an application for our last couple of weeks. I teamed up with a classmate to create a website that translates Spanish words and phrases into English through Google translate upon click.

Visit our homemade creation here!  

The Process

I began wireframing the site after working on a Javascript exercise in which the user inputted a list of words. From that I thought it would be interesting for users to input phrases and words used by their parents and grandparents (Latinos have a large amount of crazy sayings told to us with bizarre but funny translations). Originally titled "Shit Our Families Say" the site was changed to ¿SayQue? for brevity, sans-foul language.

Beginning sketch and flow of how the site would work: translation, origin, and explanation provided upon click.

The Final Product

Building the site using Bootstrap and Heroku we finished ¿SayQue? after trial and error.
Our final product is shown below. You're welcomed to visit the actual site here