Our team at StudioUni was tasked to come up with a campaign solution to present to BurgerFi customers of the year-long partnership between BurgerFi and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. BurgerFi was releasing a series of 5 shakes throughout the year. $1 from each shake was donated to St. Jude.

The challenge was to create a campaign which would highlight each shakes unique flavors, the partnership between BurgerFi and St. Jude, and work well across varying digital and print platforms.

The Process

I was given full leadership on developing a concept that would best work for the St. Jude and BurgerFi campaign. The only requirement was that the concept had to work separately and as a whole for each shake.

Keeping in mind that BurgerFi holds the quality of their ingredients to a high standard, I decided the best way to present the products were to highlight the ingredients of the individual shakes.

After being signed off by our Senior Designer the artwork for the mint chocolate Oreo shake began. 

EXECUTED: Art direction, Design, Photography


Art Direction

Variations of the artwork were created with a responsive design in mind. There were multiple posts scheduled on social media for this shake so we needed to create different styled backgrounds to create a range of images versus reposting the same artwork.

Print and digital Designs

Designs were made for in-store POS, menu boards, 24x36 posters, napkin inserts, email, and social media. The final layouts served as a template for the shakes that followed.